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AllPoints Mortgage Team

Cliff Oliveira

Cliff Oliveira

Branch Manager Licensed in CT About Cliff
Joanne Ingle

Joanne Ingle

Loan Originator Licensed in CT, MA, RI About Joanne
Cheryl Castellano

Cheryl Castellano

Loan Officer Licensed in CT About Cheryl
Mike Houston

Mike Houston

Loan Officer Licensed in FL About Mike

Our Mission

At AllPoints Mortgage, our mission for a high standard within the mortgage industry drives us to succeed.

We value customer service and excellent communication as our central focus. Our aim is to make the mortgage process as simple and straight-forward for our borrowers as we possibly can.

Our personalized approach will will help you understand all aspects of the process and feel confident that you have the best mortgage for your personal situation, allowing your house to become a home that much faster!

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